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L Train commuters breathe a sigh of relief!

Though the shutdown of the L train was not the end of the world, Gov. Cuomo’s announcement that engineering experts had figured out a way to make the necessary repairs with little to no disruption to the L train schedule, came as a huge relief to the 400,000 folks who ride the train each day. 

Though the L Train will not shut down completely, the 15-20 month proposed repair schedule would have some impact on service; that’s code for delays, and schedule changes, but still better than the alternative.

Still needing MTA board approval, the $477 million repairs are set to begin in April 2019. The two firms working on the project are Judlau Contracting Inc. and TC Electric, with an additional $15 million bonus to complete the work in the shortened timeframe.

The proposed repairs include both tubes of the storm-damaged Canarsie tunnel, and the construction of new power substations, and station improvements, such as ADA accessibility and other upgrades at the Bedford Avenue Station in Brooklyn and the 1st and 6thAvenue Stations in Manhattan.

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