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To verify or prove to be true 

Renting an apartment can be an arduous process, for both the landlord and applicant.  However, with Avér those days are gone!  Avér is a groundbreaking new technology that allows renters to gather all required documents for leasing applications instantly.   Secure, fast, and easy, Avér is completely customizable to meet the specific needs for each landlord/building.  For instance, if renting an apartment in Florida, where only a credit and background check are required, no problem, Avér can be customized to pull credit and background only.  If in NYC, and credit/background, income, employment, taxes and bank records are required, Avér can do that too, and everything in between! Avér is a customizable profile, offering options and suggestions for appropriate evaluations to ensure suitable tenant qualification.

How it works:


No need to call HR for employment letters, gather bank statement or dig through files to find pay stubs.  Log into the Avér app, complete the quick and easy application and Avér does the rest!  Collecting all documentation directly from the source, Avér then summarizes it for your review; you submit the information to the landlord/building of your choice.  Fast, easy and secure. Download the App today!


Customize the Avér app to pull the specific documents required for each building.  The tenant applicant may access Avér by either downloading the app directly or visiting the website.  The verification process is instant, cutting the application lag-time precipitously, and increasing occupancy!  The information comes directly from the source electronically, substantially reducing fraud, and the burden of paper record storage, and at no cost to the landlord! Avér is the solution to the tenant application process – begin using Avér today!